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ABA Therapy Services: Empowering Kids with Autism to Thrive

Comprehensive and Personalized ABA Therapy Programs in Atlanta, Georgia Designed to Enhance the Development and Well-Being of Children with Autism.

Paving The Path For Achievement

Unlocking the Potential of Children with Autism Through Aba Therapy

Eligibility Determination

Our evidence-based ABA therapy helps children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) overcome their unique challenges. It empowers them to grow, become more independent, and improve their quality of life. Explore how ABA therapy for autism can transform your child’s life. 

Our autism therapy services include behavior assessments, home based aba therapy, parent support, in-school advocacy, and more. 

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My son was diagnosed with autism this December. I was lost until I made that phone call to Blossom ABA Therapy.
Blossom guided us through the whole process and was always available for our questions.
We now started direct therapy and are so pleased.
Thank you Blossom for everything.

Stephanie V.

Blossom is by far the BEST ABA provider that we have ever had. Our BCBA is incredible and our BT is so passionate and consistent. My son is learning so fast and is becoming so independent. Chrisa and Matthew are amazing, I can’t thank them enough.

Asia M.

Ashley and Cortez are an amazing team of help and I’ve seen tremendous change and growth in my daughter. Cortez literally goes above and beyond every day and I cannot thank him enough.

Gwendra S.

I cannot begin to thank each and every person that has helped our son at Blossom Therapy! From the beginning until now, his growth has been unbelievable! I am forever thankful for Blossom Therapy and truly do believe that God placed Kiana and Matthew in our son’s life at the perfect time! Blossom ABA therapy has been a truly amazing experience for our family!

-Cherise S.

What Is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy is an evidence-based approach that focuses on understanding and modifying behavior. It uses principles of learning and behavior to improve socially significant behaviors and teach new skills. ABA therapy is recognized as an effective treatment for individuals with ASD. It helps develop communication, social, academic, and daily living skills

What We Offer

Our goal is to support children with autism in developing essential skills to reach their full potential. With a team of dedicated and experienced professionals, we offer a range of autism therapy services tailored to meet the unique needs of each child. 

ABA Assessments

Our behavioral analysts, who are highly trained, conduct thorough assessments to understand the strengths, challenges, and specific needs of children with autism. 

Parent Support
Ongoing Consultation

Individualized ABA Therapy

We provide individualized ABA therapy programs to address the unique needs of each child. Our therapists teach and reinforce skills in various areas. Early intervention is crucial in supporting the development of young children with ASD. The earlier your child starts receiving services, the easier it is for them to acquire new skills or change behaviors. 

Home-Based Services

We are committed to nurturing success beyond the individual therapy sessions with our clients. Our team proficiently guides your child’s educators to incorporate therapy goals and encourage skills acquisition during the hours spent learning at school.At Blossom ABA Therapy, we come to you! We utilize your home as the perfect environment in which to provide our services. After all, your child is familiar with your home and feels comfortable there. Letting your child enjoy the environment they are used to facilitates effective treatment and the generalization of skills acquired during sessions to life outside of therapy.

In-School Advocacy

Behavior Intervention

Our team specializes in behavior intervention to address challenging behaviors associated with autism. We identify the underlying causes of these behaviors and develop effective interventions to reduce or replace them. We work with individuals and their families to develop effective behavior management plans. 

Parent Training and Support

Parents and caregivers play a vital role in their child’s progress. We provide parent training and support to help families understand and implement ABA techniques in everyday situations. 

Skill Building

We focus on teaching and enhancing a wide range of skills. These include communication and language skills, social skills, academic skills, self-care skills, and functional life skills. 

Social Skills Development

We help children with autism improve their social skills and develop meaningful connections. Our social skills training programs target areas such as initiating and maintaining conversations, perspective-taking, play skills, and understanding social cues. 

Initial Evaluation

In-School Advocacy

We are committed to nurturing success beyond individual therapy sessions with our clients. That’s why we collaborate with schools to ensure optimal support for children with autism. Our team offers guidance on creating inclusive and effective learning environments, and guides educators to incorporate therapy goals into their teaching. 

Progress Monitoring & Evaluation

We monitor and evaluate each child’s progress to ensure that treatment is working. Our team makes data driven decisions to refine treatment plans based on the child’s evolving needs.

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ABA Therapy Onboarding Process

Step 1: Initial Evaluation & Individualized Treatment Planning
Upon approval from your insurer, a highly skilled BSBA will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child's strengths and challenges. Based on this assessment, we will create a personalized treatment plan that addresses their unique learning and behavioral requirements.
Step 2: ABA Therapy Sessions
Our skilled therapists provide therapy sessions to help your child develop essential skills. These sessions are tailored to meet their specific goals. We make it a point to provide a supportive and nurturing environment and move at a comfortable pace.
Step 3: Ongoing Support
We will continue to work with your child as per plan. As your child develops, we will adjust the treatment plan. Our aim is to support your child's growth, independence, and well being.

Improved Daily Living

Children with autism process information differently and often struggle in the social and emotional context. Our clinicians engage them in activities that positively impact their daily life. We have experience helping with a wide range of behavioral challenges, including:

•  Following directions 

•  Difficulty completing multi-step tasks 

•. Poor communication skills 

•. Lack of social skills 

•  Issues with toileting 

•  Difficulty with daily living skills 

•  Tantrums 

  One-dimensional play 

  Lack of play with toys 


  And much more!

Experience the Blossom ABA Therapy Difference

With highly-trained and experienced professionals, Blossom ABA Therapy is a trusted provider of ABA therapy for autism treatment in Georgia. Our work is based on the belief that every child has incredible potential to experience improvements in their daily quality of life. We strive to foster growth, development, and meaningful progress for every child we serve. Our evidence-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services, personalized care, and positive outcomes have earned the trust of many families. We take pride in our dedication to making a meaningful difference in the lives of children and their families.

Trusted and Experienced ABA Therapy Provider.

Comprehensive Approach

Our therapists develop individualized treatment plans that take into account the whole child. We consider your child's strengths, weaknesses, and goals to develop a personalized therapy program. By collaborating with you and understanding what your concerns are, we can prioritize the behaviors that will have the biggest positive impact on your child's and family's life.

One-On-One Support

Your child will benefit from one-on-one therapy so that they can experience the best possible results from our behavior interventions.

Blossom ABA Therapy Difference

Collaborative Network

We collaborate with a network of professionals including pediatricians, educators, and other specialists. This helps us ensure a holistic approach to your child's care.

Data Driven Approach

We utilize advanced data collection and analysis techniques to track your child's progress. This approach allows us to make informed decisions and measure the effectiveness of interventions. We can then also adjust the treatment plan as needed to optimize outcomes.

Transition Support

Transitions can be challenging for children with autism. We provide support to ensure a smooth transition between therapy settings, educational environments, or other life transitions.

Begin Your Child's Journey to Progress and Growth Today

We are committed to helping your child reach their full potential. Contact Blossom ABA Therapy in Atlanta to schedule a consultation. Take the first step toward a brighter future for your child with our services today. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover if ABA Therapy in Atlanta is right for your child. 

Improved Daily Living

Improved Daily Living

Our comprehensive ABA therapy services address a wide range of challenges. As children diagnosed with ASD process information differently than typically developing children and often struggle in the social and emotional context, our clinicians engage them in activities that will positively impact their adaptive living, communication, play, and safety skills.

Experience the Blossom ABA Therapy Difference

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