Paving The Path For Achievement

At Blossom ABA Therapy, we are committed to providing our clients and their families with an all-encompassing supportive experience. Our dedicated staff handles all aspects of therapy services, ensuring smooth transition and attention to detail throughout the process.

Eligibility Determination

Our team is trained to manage all insurance-related matters and correspondence with your provider, shouldering the responsibility of providing you with efficient access to necessary services. Whether examining benefits, renewing authorization, or approving session frequency, we have you covered.

Initial Evaluation

Upon approval from your insurer, a highly skilled BCBA will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your child’s strengths and challenges. Interpreting the data collected through evidence-based assessment tools, the analyst will then design a customized care plan for your child that includes meaningful and attainable objectives.

Home Based Services

Our compassionate and professional therapists engage your child in the familiarity of the home setting. Keeping the therapy experience comfortable and convenient empowers your child to promptly reach the goals outlined in the treatment plan.

Parent Support

We encourage parents to take an active role in therapy, inviting their participation and feedback throughout the process. Providing tools that ensure consistency and progress, our clinicians dedicate themselves to work alongside our parents to drive success and satisfaction.

Ongoing Consultation

Therapy effectiveness is closely monitored and constantly reevaluated to produce optimal results. Our BCBAs maintain steady data collection and ongoing communication between contributing parties, ensuring that every step towards your child’s achievement is taken with meticulous attention to detail.

In-School Advocacy

We are committed to nurturing success beyond the individual therapy sessions with our clients. Our team proficiently guides your child’s educators to incorporate therapy goals and encourage skills acquisition during the hours spent learning at school.

Improved Daily Living

Our comprehensive ABA therapy services address a wide range of challenges. As children diagnosed with ASD process information differently than typically developing children and often struggle in the social and emotional context, our clinicians engage them in activities that will positively impact their adaptive living, communication, play, and safety skills.

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