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The Katie Beckett Waiver in Georgia

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 1 in 36 kids has been diagnosed with some form of autism. 

If you’re in the state’s capital and the parent of a disabled child, you have some options that the Katie Beckett waiver can assist with. Parents of children with autism might need to look into Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. 

Understanding this waiver can help your child get the ABA therapy in Atlanta that they need, among other services. When you’re interested in learning about the Katie Beckett waiver in Georgia, read the points below.

Understanding the Waiver

Before asking, “How can I find the ABA provider near me?”, you need to understand the Katie Beckett waiver and what it entails. It’s a waiver that makes provisions for patients 18 and under with autism and other disorders to get access to Medicaid.

These determinations are normally made based on household finances, but the waiver does away with that in these conditions.

The Benefits of the Waiver

If you’re looking into providing your child with treatment for autism, you need to know the benefits of the waiver. For one, it provides you with plenty of financial assistance. This is important because paying for ABA services in Atlanta has consistent costs that can add up over time. 

Getting autism therapy services can help your child’s development exponentially and can help them do better in school. It’s worth the investment, even if the parent doesn’t immediately have the income to pay for it. The waiver bridges that gap and puts the child’s health needs first. 

Aside from autism therapy, the waiver can help pay for things like lab testing, physician checkups, and access to medications. 

Eligibility for the Waiver

Before you can take advantage of the Katie Beckett waiver to get autism therapy and the help of a behavior analyst in Atlanta, you need to make sure that you and your child are eligible for it. 

In addition to being 18 or under, your child must also be classified or qualified as disabled in line with the Social Security Act (§1614). The waiver also mandates that the child must be living in your household, rather than under the care of professionals in a facility.  

The Story of the Waiver

The Katie Beckett waiver was started in 1980. Beckett’s parents fought back against a Medicaid ruling that intended to put her in a nursing facility. She had been in the hospital for years, but doctors eventually said that she could go back home for recovery. 

The family made too much money to be eligible for Medicaid. The next year, the law was created to allow families in their situation to use Medicaid to pay for in-home care that their children need. 

Understanding the Katie Beckett Waiver in Georgia

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