Does Molina Cover ABA Therapy?

Does Molina Cover ABA Therapy?

Insurance Coverage Overview

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is a highly effective treatment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Navigating insurance coverage for ABA therapy can be challenging, especially when determining whether your provider, such as Molina Healthcare, covers this essential service.

What is ABA Therapy?

ABA therapy focuses on improving specific behaviors, including social skills, communication, reading, and academics, as well as adaptive learning skills such as fine motor dexterity, hygiene, grooming, domestic capabilities, punctuality, and job competence. It is recognized as the gold standard for ASD treatment due to its evidence-based approach.

Molina ABA Therapy Coverage

Molina Healthcare offers coverage for ABA therapy under many of its insurance plans. This coverage is designed to support children and adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). However, coverage specifics can vary based on the individual’s insurance plan and state regulations.

Key Points About Coverage

  1. Policy Details: Molina typically covers ABA therapy as part of their behavioral health services. It's essential to review your specific plan details or contact Molina customer service to confirm coverage.

  2. Eligibility and Enrollment: To qualify for ABA therapy coverage, a formal diagnosis of ASD from a qualified healthcare provider is required. The diagnosis must be documented, and a treatment plan must be recommended by a licensed ABA therapist.

  3. Pre-Authorization: Pre-authorization is typically required for ABA services under Molina plans. This involves submitting a treatment plan and obtaining approval from Molina before starting therapy to ensure that the services will be covered.

  4. Coverage Limits: Molina may have specific limits on the number of therapy hours or sessions covered. These limits can vary, so it’s crucial to understand any restrictions under your specific insurance plan.

Steps to Verify Coverage

  1. Contact Molina: Reach out to Molina’s customer service or visit their website to review specific coverage details for ABA therapy. This will help you understand the exact benefits and requirements.

  2. Consult Your ABA Provider: ABA therapy providers often have experience working with various insurance companies and can assist in verifying benefits and obtaining necessary authorizations. Contact us at Blossom ABA Therapy to get help with the verification and authorization process.

  3. Document Communication: Keep detailed records of all communications with Molina, including phone calls, emails, and any paperwork submitted or received. This documentation will be helpful if any issues arise or if there is a need for clarification.

How Blossom ABA Therapy Can Help

Expert Guidance: Blossom ABA Therapy offers expert guidance on the insurance process, helping families understand their benefits and coverage options with Molina.

Prior Authorization Assistance: Their team can assist with the prior authorization process, ensuring that requests meet Molina’s criteria for medical necessity.

In-Network Providers: Blossom ABA Therapy works with Molina as an in-network provider, which simplifies the process for families to receive the full benefits of their coverage.

Comprehensive Documentation: They provide comprehensive documentation and regular assessments required by Molina to maintain coverage for ABA therapy.

Ongoing Support: Blossom ABA Therapy offers ongoing support to help families manage their insurance claims and any issues that may arise during the course of treatment.


Understanding your Molina coverage for ABA therapy is crucial to ensure your child receives the necessary support. By following these steps and utilizing available resources, you can navigate the insurance process more effectively and access valuable ABA therapy services. For more detailed information, you can visit the Molina website or contact their customer service for personalized assistance.


1. What services are covered under Molina’s ABA therapy benefits? Molina covers ABA therapy sessions conducted by qualified providers, behavior management strategies, care coordination between various healthcare providers, and access to community support services to enhance social integration and overall well-being.

2. How can I verify if my specific Molina plan covers ABA therapy? You can verify coverage by contacting Molina customer service or by logging into the Molina website or mobile app to review your insurance plan details and coverage options.

3. Is there a limit to the number of ABA therapy sessions covered? Coverage limits, such as the number of therapy hours or sessions, can vary depending on the specific Molina plan. It’s essential to review your plan details or contact Molina to understand any restrictions.

4. How can my ABA therapy provider assist in the coverage process? ABA therapy providers often have experience working with various insurance companies and can help verify benefits, obtain necessary pre-authorizations, and address any questions or concerns you may have about your Molina coverage.


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